Amalia Kilofliski

Amalia Kilofliski

Head of Business Development


With more than 10 years of practical experience with Raymond James and other leading firms in the financial services industry, Amalia shines at bringing her creative and insightful perspective to guide the business development and marketing expertise of the Cadence Financial Group.

Amalia’s experience and accreditations have provided her with a deep understanding of various business development strategies. She has refined her natural talent for event management, team building, and sales-and-marketing from coordinating many past projects. As a former business owner, Amalia, who is both incisive and compassionate, fully understands the level of commitment required to build a successful enterprise, and encourages and supports each person on the Cadence team to achieve our stated objectives confidently and precisely!

Fluent in Romanian, Amalia’s academic background includes earning a BA (Hons) degree in Economics from the Academy of Economical Studies in Bucharest, Romania, and an MBA from Simon Fraser University. She is also U.S. licensed.

Although Amalia has a passion for her work, family is what is most important to her. She loves being a mom, and her beautiful daughter, Alexandra, is the light of her life. Indeed, Amalia’s favourite moments in the day are those she spends with her husband, Catalin, and daughter Alexandra. With a genuine love for travel, Amalia has visited more than 20 countries so far, with plans to visit many, many more!