Discretionary Investment Management

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How It Works

Cadence Financial specializes in wealth management in Vancouver. If you are considering a discretionary investment strategy as part of your overall wealth management portfolio, our team will work with you to build a customized asset allocation strategy that reflects your unique investor profile.

Over the years, Seth Allen and his wealth management team in Vancouver have had the privilege of helping clients manage the complexities of their wealth through careful consideration of investment alternatives and a strategic combination of traditional and more sophisticated investment solutions.

You won’t be able to find any wealth management firms in Vancouver that will act to fulfill your investment options as effectively as ours. This is because your personalized Investment Policy Statement is built with a proprietary Legacy Portfolio that perfectly suits your needs. When necessary, this portfolio will be adjusted over time.

We are here to help you achieve your investment objectives by creating an appropriate Legacy Portfolio that will be balanced regularly based on your needs and objectives. When we analyze your unique circumstances, we evaluate your investment objectives, your level of risk tolerance, your personal financial plan and tax affairs, and anything else that is relevant to your financial situation.

After an in-depth interview, and using the facts we discovered, only then will we design your personalized Investment Policy Statement. Your IPS will outline the management of your investment portfolio, the administration details of your financial assets, and anything else related to your portfolio.

In addition, we will set up personal meetings with our Vancouver wealth management team periodically for portfolio reviews. And whenever you need to talk to us, we will welcome your call.

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