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Investing for life. Your life.

How you utilize your financial assets determines when you will be able to realize your investment goals. Whether you’re searching for investment companies in Vancouver to grow your financial resources over time, generate income for retirement or simply to preserve your financial savings for the future generations, you can trust us.

Cadence Financial Group is an investment management team in Vancouver. Most people mistakenly assume that investment management is solely portfolio management, but that’s only part of it. When we provide you with investment management, we will work closely with your accounting, legal, and insurance professionals in order to help each other provide you with performance reports, financial planning and even cash flow analysis, if that is required; ensuring your financial assets are invested properly on an ongoing basis, and your annual income receives beneficial tax treatment.

Along the way, we will prioritize the goals you set and will help you allocate your resources in a manner that balances all the risks while delivering reasonable returns.

Unlike other investment companies in Vancouver, we will take what we have learned about you and thoroughly research several investment opportunities. This will be done in order to find only those that fit your bigger financial picture. We also differ from most investment firms in Vancouver because we tend to research all our investment ideas on our own, as well as with the help of third-party managers.

With our services, you will find we use a thoughtful and deliberate process in order to shrink the plethora of investment opportunities. In the end, we will select only those that pass our rigorous screening processes for capital preservation, growth potential, and income.

Portfolio management requires monitoring a variety of economic changes in the financial world on an ongoing, consistent basis. Not only does our team scrutinize current fiscal and political events, we also follow the reports and recommendations of Raymond James research analysts. Without this work, we could not possibly understand the impact these external monetary movements will have on our clients’ investment portfolios.

Understandably, we restrict our investments to those economic sectors that are showing strength with positive momentum because we are committed to investing your hard-earned savings in suitable, best-in-class investment strategies that are selected to preserve and grow your wealth over the long term.

Unlike many of our fellow practitioners, our team researches investment ideas and we use research provided by other money managers. As you can readily understand, this additional, unbiased research information assists us immeasurably in our investment management selection process.

Through calculated, careful consideration, we not only minimize the plethora of recommended investment vehicles, but select only those that pass our strict screening process for future growth, capital preservation, and income.

One of the first rules of investing is Don’t lose money, which can be easier said than done. In fact, in today’s world-wide global economy, it can be more challenging than ever. Because we truly believe preserving capital can be accomplished by carefully managing risk, we do our utmost to limit risk while managing our clients’ investment portfolios.

Over the years, we have had the privilege of helping clients manage the complexities of their wealth through careful consideration of investment alternatives and a strategic combination of traditional investment and more sophisticated investment solutions.

Plan. Profit. Protect.

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