Raymond James Canada Foundation

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Setting up your own foundation is complicated, expensive and requires lots of work. Raymond James Canada Foundation can serve as a facilitator to mobilize the resources of Raymond James at both the corporate and grassroots levels.

The primary roles for the foundation include:

  • Acting as a conduit for charitable contributions from Raymond James and our people.
  • Augmenting local fundraising efforts.
  • Encouraging our people to contribute to their communities through monetary gifts and volunteering.
  • Overseeing the allocation of the foundation’s funds and providing input to Raymond James’ annual corporate donations budget with specific targets and criteria for contributions both monetary and non-monetary.

At Raymond James, you can set up a Charitable Giving Fund that allows you to make donations in the form that makes the most sense for you. With a Charitable Giving Fund, you have the freedom to decide what to donate and when. By giving strategically you can significantly reduce or even eliminate your tax burdens, thereby increasing the value and impact of your gifts.

The Charitable Giving Program enables you to create a legacy of giving in your family name so that you may see the benefits in your lifetime and designate a successor advisor – your children, grandchildren, or other important people in your life – to take over upon your passing.

Plan. Profit. Protect.

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