Investment Philosophy

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Committed to their financial well-being, our solitary goal is to help our clients create the life they want, with the preservation of their savings being paramount. As such, we are committed to investing their hard-earned savings in suitable, best-in-class investment strategies that will preserve and grow their wealth over the long term.

How do we do it? In addition to investing in economic sectors that show strength with positive momentum, we employ a proven variety of tactical asset allocation strategies such as the use of cash-like investments during times of uncertainty. We are students of Benjamin Graham (Warren Buffett’s pedagogue) who believed “management of risk is more important than management of returns”.

While implementing our proactive investment management approach, we focus on several areas:

Financial theory states that risks and returns are linked to one another. It’s impossible to generate a higher return without putting more capital at risk. In practice, we strive to achieve the highest return possible within our risk constraints. In a measured way, we also implement a system of stop losses that limit our downside risk and help protect our clients’ investment capital from unexpected and negative market developments.

While we cannot guarantee future returns, we apply our decades of training and expertise to achieve consistency in both capital appreciation and income generation. We understand how important it is for our clients to not only keep their savings intact but also have it produce investment income that supports their lifestyle. Our discretionary portfolios are designed to achieve low volatility and maximum possible returns. When we work with outside investment managers, we ensure that they, too, understand the importance of high income, consistent returns, and low volatility.

Our financial planning and investment management practice is based on our belief in effective execution and maximum suitability. The tailor-made solutions we offer our clients are matched with timely and rational decision-making that aims at protecting our clients’ savings while pursuing their long-term goals.

Our clients’ loyalty to us is proof that our proactive investment management approach continues delivering outstanding results.

Plan. Profit. Protect.

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